Thursday, June 24, 2010

Washington, DC trip--Part 1

We drove to DC yesterday afternoon for the Diplomat's cousin wedding. The wedding itself is this Saturday but, since it is an Indian wedding, it will span three frenetic, loud, incomprehensible, henna-painted, aunties-filled days. In other words, a three-ring circus. Meanwhile, we are staying at a friend's apartment in DC while they are away (the wedding festivities will be in nearby Maryland), and in anticipation of the massive amounts of fatty, ghee-involving foods I will be consuming, I decided to go to the gym this morning. Now, our friends live in a full-service, luxury building. OK, I know this is DC but this building is taking security to a prison level: to give us the keys our friends left for us, the receptionist needed to find a key release form, then inspect two governmentally-issued IDs (I ended up giving them my health insurance card??), then she went to bring the keys from "the vault" (pronounced VERY gravely), and then finally we were escorted to the apartment. To park, they made us fill more papers, park the car and then took our car keys; then this morning when I went to the gym, I decided to go to the restroom. Seeing none in sight, I went to ask for it. I was told to use the one in the other wing of the building--sure, no problem. Wait, did you say it was about 10 min walk? Oh, there is another one in the sauna. Ok, I will try that one seeing that it is right next to the gym. Wait--you need ANOTHER governmentally-issued ID to give me the keys to that? Eh, forget it. DC is a bastion of security, no kidding. Moving here will be awesome.
Now, off to The Indian Wedding, Day 1.


  1. Thank God! I did not venture to give u an indian wedding as originally planned. My son had a four day thread ceremony in my village, and poor fellow he could bear it with no resistance (he was 14 years then)apparently displayed out of regard for his father!

  2. Appa, I would have loved to have that for me! it's not as much fun when it is for someone else :)