Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And we're off...

Dearest, we are off to our one month European gallivanting. We arrive in Sofia tomorrow afternoon, and in a week are off to Italy. I will stay in touch with everything that is important!

I wanted to give a special shout-out to my faithful readers in Japan, Andorra and Canada! Drop a line and tell me how you are! Also, a special one to my folks in Bulgaria and India--I love this new-found way of keeping you in the loop!
Ok, off to battle a toddler on a plane (Snakes on a plane have got nothing on Son!). My next entry will tell you all about my collected wisdom about traveling with an infant/toddler on transatlantic, as well as long domestic flights for I am a pro!


  1. Priyatno prekarvane na pyteshestvieto! Can't wait to read your posts from BG and see pics. Az ne sym si hodila v BG ot godina. Mezhdu drugoto, dobavih bloga ti kym moya blog faves list (typichko zvuchi na bylgaroangliiski, no kakvo da se pravi...).

  2. How exciting!! My husband is starting A-100 in August as well. I look forward to following your adventures in Europe and seeing you in D.C. soon.