Monday, June 14, 2010

Another weekend of saying Good-Bye

It is tough to believe that yet another weekend has passed by. It was, to say the least, eventful. I dined out with girlfriends on Thursday and Friday (we ended the night at the fabulous 230 5th Av rooftop, where a pair of aging firemen flirted with us); had brunch with folks on Saturday for the US-UK soccer game, then went out with the Diplomat for one last dinner at the restaurant where we got engaged (Il Bagatto), followed by a satisfying cigar at the Velvet Cigar Lounge (one of Diplomat's gifts for Daddy Day); then on Sunday we had brunch with our fabulous neighbours, and topped the day and the weekend with by hosting dinner at home for yet another great pair of friends. I am afraid that I am enjoying this intense social life a bit too much and once we move to DC, I will have some problems being bored...

Son also had his share of fun, I suppose. We took him to Central Park on Saturday with the single purpose of putting him on the Central Park Carousel. Well, we bought tickets for the last round of the carousel, and at the moment the Diplomat and him climbed on top of one horse, the child got so horrified that he yelled he needed to go potty. Grudgingly, we got him off the horse and he did proceed to pee in the bushes (I swear he did it just to make a point). Naturally, the carousel was underway already. We begged and pleaded with the carousel guy to let us do at least half a run since we are leaving NY. He probably took us for some crazed tourists and relented--well, needless to say, the moment they got perched atop one of the horses, Son started to scream potty again. Trying to not show my utmost irritation, I took him down and apologized to the carousel guy (who DID NOT give us back our ticket money, btw). Too bad they did not do the ride--the Diplomat looked positively fetching astride that horse. Son went on to scream (happily) and run around the park afterwards--I suppose he was celebrating his near-death escape from the carousel!

On Sunday, before brunch, we did a Costco run (the Diplomat likes to call it my favorite store; I am not sure why, I can assure you my favorite store is Tiffany's)--Son had so much fun eating all the samples that he passed out in the car on the way to brunch. He refused to wake up and spent the next hour and half sleeping on top of two chairs at the restaurant, while we drank Proseco like two responsible parents.

It is weekends like these that I realize how much fun NYC could be. I have often claimed city-fatigue, but now that I am leaving, I all of a sudden remembered how great this city is. Oh well. I am sure I will have just as much fun next year in Burkina Faso. Or Cote d'Ivoire. Or Albania. Or not. One thing is for sure: there will always be those moments when I will think to myself--what the heck did I get myself into?

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  1. The visuals of my grandson is very comforting. What a peace on the face while he is asleep. My son used to display same traints when exposed to diwali crackers when he was two years while at Hyderabad and had to be held tightly so that he won't jump down from the horse when he was 4 years while we went to Kodaikanal and went for a ride around the lake on horseback. He rather used to ride on my back than on others'.