Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Joy of Small Things

People always say, "Don't sweat the small things, and it's all small things." Ok, I can understand that. And in the same vein, I can also say: "Take joy at all the small things, and life is made of small things."
I am truly thankful for all the small things in my life. And Son gives me so many small things to be happy about. This morning, as we were leaving to go to daycare, he put his first 2 words together--he said, "Bye, Jinxy." (Jinxy is our fat cat). Small step for humanity, huge step for Son. Then, after I brought him to daycare, he asked to go potty (Son has been potty trained for about 2 months now, but refuses to go at daycare)--voila, he went a peed there. Another small step, but it mattered to me. His teachers were overjoyed and several Oy veys were overheard. At the playground, later on that day, he finally said "Up" when he wanted to go up on a bench. So far, he used the word "down" both when he wanted to be put down or lifted up--I suppose, he always connected the word with a motion away from just standing. In the evening, while I was making salad and prepping dinner, I asked the Diplomat to put the ingredients for bread in our bread machine. He had never done it before and winced, but with my verbal guidance, he did it! He made bread (in a machine). Definitely small step, but oh, so cool!

Life is full of small things. Just like we should not sweat them, we should also learn to recognize them, enjoy them, celebrate them even (I covered Son with kisses when he peed at daycare!), remember them and point them out to those who have missed their beauty.

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  1. the way you have started looking at things that flow through life, you may turn out to be a Sufi or Zen philosopher even before u turn to become a diplomat(ess); with two in a family i do not know how to distinguish between the two, can be one be H'iplomat with the other s'iplomat!