Monday, June 21, 2010

A Good-Bye Party, toddlers and a broken window

The last weekend of good-byes has finally passed. Almost as if to help us transition, our wonderful friends from DC came to visit for the party--as my girlfriend put it, "Our memories of NY are connected with you so we will also be saying bye bye to the city." She also has a toddler, who was born just 3 weeks after Son, so the two kids had an absolute blast this weekend. I suppose I understand better the appeal of having two kids--there were stretches of almost an hour when we did not even hear from them while they were playing together in the kid's room or the terrace. And then, I also understood why I am not yet ready to have a second baby when they both were tired and threw crying fits.
Well, on Saturday, both daddies took the kiddos to the playground while we mommies went on to pamper ourselves. A couple of blowouts and mani and pedis later, several people pointed out to us that we have a flat tire (of course we did, why should anything go effortlessly???). Good thing I am a woman of action, so we had it fixed in no time, coiffed hair and manicures and all!
Time to par-tee! I can safely say that we all had a blast. I still cannot believe that I am going to say this, but, um, Lady Gaga Rocks. Nothing more visually appealing than a bunch of 30-something year olds on stilettos jumping to Bad Romance and screaming: "Ra ra-ah-ah-ah, Roma ro-ma, ga-ga!"

At 2.30 am, we had to leave or I would have passed out from shoe pain (plus, um, we did not exactly tell the babysitter we were going to be that late AND we did not have her number on us--BAD PARENTING moment!!). To cap the night, we stopped at the 96th street taco stand--a NYC classic!!!! Nothing better than a few greasy chorizo tacos at 3 am, after a few martinis. Gosh, I LOVE this city...

And then the next day I did not love it so much. My friend's car was vandalized--I am sure you have all heard about the nasty little habit of breaking car windows to steal stupid things like GPS, cell phones and even CDs. Well, what truly pissed me off on this one was that the thieves apparently could not break the front passenger window (you can see the brick marks on it), and broke the back window where the baby car seat was to steal a Blackberry--as you can guess the car seat was covered in tiny glass pieces. Good luck vacuuming that one off. And that is why I don't love this city.
We capped the night with a quiet lasagna dinner with two of our closest friends. It got really sad.

Bye-bye, our dear NYC friends. You have defined our lives in this city and we love you so, so much. You better come to visit in DC and then wherever the governmental wind blows us.

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