Saturday, June 19, 2010

Car troubles and a wonderful Mr. Diplomat

The Diplomat is a wonderful human being and I love him so much. For the record. Another perfect illustration of his greatness occured this Friday. On Thursday, I had gone out to yet another uber trendy NYC spot, Spice Market, with a girlfriend for dinner. After dining and giggling and heart-to-hearts for hours, at about 12.45 am we headed over to my car only to discover that it had been towed by the almighty fantastic NYPD (may the force be with them). Apparently, I was not supposed to park there after 11 pm. Which I knew. But forgot. Hardly the point, really. So, instead of heading home and be in bed by 1.15 am so that I can be up in time to send Son to daycare, I spent the next hour or so wrangling My Precious from the hands of the NYPD for the spectacular price of $300. Whoaaaa!
So, when I finally crawled up in bed at about 2.30 am, I asked the sleepy Mr. D to take care of Son the next morning so that I can sleep in Without even a question, he agreed. Mind you, he still goes to work. Thank you!
In related news, Friday was the Diplomat's last day at work in the private sector. I think he is both excited and apprehensive. The happy hour his company threw for him definitely did a lot to allay his fears. He appeared home quite late in, um, high spirits...
We will begin to travel a lot starting next week. On Wednesday, we are off to DC for a wedding. We will come back on Sunday, June 27, spend a day in NYC, pack up and leave for Europe. We are spending a week on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, followed by a week in Umbria in Italy with Son. Then my mom is coming to Rome for literally 3 hours to pick up Son at the airport, and head right back with him to Bulgaria, while we enjoy Rome and later on Venice. After that, we will go back to Bulgaria for a few days and finally go back to NYC, only to move to DC a day later. I am not entirelly sure what we were drinking when we made all these plans.
It is incredible but our life in NYC is nearing its end. Our Good-bye party is tonight. I have made an overly sappy video of pictures from all the past years to show at the party. I envision a lot of crying.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot of traveling in the next six weeks! (We did that, too. . . kinda. . . But made it a 'round the country road trip instead of going overseas.)

    Congrats on your husband getting The Call. Hubby was in the May A-100 class and so far it's been great. *grin*