Friday, May 28, 2010

When bebe is sick

Son is sick. He had high fever yesterday, and ran it through the night. It appears to be under control today. He spent the night screaming, I think he must have slept less than 4-5 hrs altogether all night. Clearly, neither did we. Diplomat was nice enough to tell me he wold take care of him through the night during the expected wake-ups. But come on, what supercool mom would just lie there in her bed, listening to her sick bebe screaming, completely unable to stop? It was a sad sight, his small arms flailing about, his eyes half-closed, his hand reaching out for water but for some reason not wanting it. Then all of a sudden everything stops, he takes his binky and falls asleep on mine or daddy shoulder.
It is moments like that that I realize just how powerless I am to help him. There is no greater frustration in the world, bar none, than the one a mother feels when she cannot help her child. It reduces you to tears, and you are ready to do any single thing in the world to make that little creature stop crying and screaming and thrashing. At times you get mad at him--anything you offer is pushed back violently, even your embrace and you are rewarded with a few kicks as he is wildly kicking. But it is all trumped by the seeming futility of everything you try to calm him down.
After several wake-ups on the hour, he finally fell asleep at 5 am. We thought he would sleep late into the morning so that mama can get some much needed beauty sleep. Nope. At 7 am sharp, Son was wide awake and happy, wanting to play. This is another one of those moments when you realize that mothers are super humans. I got up, barely able to open my eyes, got him our of the crib and tried hard for a few momenta to get him to go back into it. Then watched him with half-closed eyes prance around to play with his cars. After an hour of this, he finally wanted to sleep again. Amen to that!
Oh, and the Diplomat got up at 6 to go play tennis. He is weird like that. But I love him for all of it, so there.
Good morning, world!

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