Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sick baby and Sex and the City 2--what's a mom to do?

Son continues to be sick-lish. Fever has gone down considerably but still majorly cranky and refuses to eat. I am determined to be calm and not to panic ESPECIALLY since it is a 3-day weekend. Naturally! The Diplomat thinks it is strep throat, or pharyngitis--ahh, the pitfalls and traps of self-diagnosing. But he does seem to have the symptoms, just not the age (apparently, strep is not common below 2 years). I spoke with the doctor who told me to stop giving acetaminophen and see where the fever goes. So, we are currently in "wait and see and not eat" mode.

On a funkier note, I went out last night with my girlfriends while the Diplomat dealt with Cranky. No, that does NOT make me a bad mom, I needed to go out to air my head a bit, plus we already had tickets for Sex and the City 2!! The Diplomat managed just fine on his own, he is truly great with Son and I am happy that he doesn't get freaked out by the thought of taking care of him in my absence. The key to that is early training! I had him bathe and diaper Son from the get-go. In fact, he was doing all the diapering during the first week, I was too exhausted and depressed to do anything besides nursing. So, here goes another reason why I love that man! He is currently passed out, and with Son finally also napping, I am having a quiet little Saturday afternoon, drinking a nice green Sencha and surfing the net for unnecessarily expensive hair products.

So, Sex and the City 2--the movie is AWESOME, y'all! Forget the first movie fiasco, girls, this one is hilarious, poignant, thought-provoking, mouth-gaping(they do have a male rugby team walk around only in speedos at times) and very sexy. Someone told me it was supposed to be a giant ad for products. It actually is not. Surprisingly few products are actually featured (like some book on the art of staying young, Pringles, CuisineArt and Abu Dhabi) but it is all done quite subtly and does not take away from the movie. The plot jives well and the 2+ hours just flew by. My gals and I loved it. So, go see it. No, I don't get any money from them to promote it, I simply really liked it.

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