Monday, May 31, 2010

I love long weekends

First things first--Son is fine. More than fine, in fact. So fine, he managed to break a really fine, nice, sweet, innocent red sugar bowl, run around a gorgeous Brooklyn backyard, fall asleep in a little girl's Pack'n Play in Park Slope, chase a rather large dog under the West Highway Midtown overpass, eat avocado with pate in Riverside Park and pee in his portable potty all over town. Oh yes, Son had a fabulous weekend.
I have come to the conclusion that the only weekends that work for me are the Three-Day Weekends. As some of you in the US know, today we celebrated Memorial Day, which entitled the workforce of America an extra day of vegging out and excessive food and retail consumption. I love those weekends because only then the Diplomat and I manage to rest, party and reconnect fully. On Saturday, we stayed at home with the recovering Son. I even managed to snag a mani and pedi, and he grilled a fabulous steak on the porch. The day ended with peach pie.
On Sunday, fully rested, we headed over to Brooklyn to visit future fellow FSO and his lovley wife and 11 month old charmer for a BBQ at a fabulous townhouse in Cobble Hill. The garden in the back was somewhat of a fantasy land with its cascading rose bushes, overflowing flower pots and hanging vines in the back. The BBQ master served burgers that were famously "70-30" (think meat/fat ratio--in your face, dieters!!) and hot Italian sausages. Dressed in a dainty white dress, I ate unlike a lady. Son proceeded to 1) break a sugar bowl and 2) feel superbly smug about it afterwards. (bad parenting moment, methinks...). We moved on to another gorgeous townhouse, this time in Park Slope, to visit another fabulous pair of friends. Luck would have it, they had a guest who happened to have been Bartender of the Year in NYC last year. He preferred to call himself a Mixologist (insert a mental eye roll). He certainly could mix things! We managed to get back home at 1 am.
Sunday found us going to a picnic in Riverside park with old colleagues of the Diplomat, where Son ran for 3 hours straight after a large dog, who in turn was running after a Frisbee. He also spent some time wooing a cute 2 year-old girl who wouldn't give him the time of the day. We discovered that Son dislikes brie and blue cheese, but can deal with Boursin cheese. Avocado remains a favorite and I even managed to sneak in some pate in the mix.
As a side note, the Diplomat is in pain. He pulled a back muscle while carrying groceries. The moral of the story? He clearly does not do it often or enough, otherwise those muscles would have been in much better shape! I am just saying...

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