Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's exhausting being a supermom

Every mom knows it--it is EXHAUSTING being a cool, good mom. Yesterday, Son had a day off from daycare, so I decided to take him to the Bronx Zoo. It was high time he finally saw all those animals he only sees in his books and even knows by name. (Isn't that so funny--most children's books are all about farm and wild animals, as if those really fill the majority of every person's daily life....odd). Naturally, I chose the perfect day--the temperature outside was reaching 90 degrees plus it was free day at the Zoo, so it was packed with school groups, yippee. I soldiered on, regardless!
Turned out, everything was great. The zoo has so many trees that it was nice and cool. The school groups moved in droves and we just had to wait for them to scream and screech at the animals for a few minutes and then the place was ours! We saw the newborn lion cubs! My goodness, what sweetness. The lion daddy just sat there, barely moving, and the mom and aunt pranced around, licked and pushed the babies on the grass. Son refused to move for half an hour, pointing out to the "bebe" out there.
I also took him to the giraffes, but he was much more impressed by the silly ostriches running like mad around than the goofy giraffes. Oh well, at least this morning at breakfast, he could point them out in his book to the Diplomat.
We also had a super wholesome lunch of chicken fingers, french fries, industrially produced apple juice and practically frozen apple slices. Oh yes, and mama had a glass of cold Stella. Trust me, mama deserved it!
After walking for 3 hours in the heat, I could barely walk, so we came home, and while he slept sweetly for 3 hours, I proceeded to iron a mountain of his tees and shorts and pajamas and whatever else comes with a boy toddler. The moment I was done, he woke up and I decided to take him to the swimming pool next door. Once there, he categorically refused to inside and instead, ran like mad with his friend around the pool area. I ran after him to feed him dinner.
Well, by 8 pm, I needed someone to wheel ME in a carriage, so the Diplomat gave him a bath and off he went. I meekly had dinner, watched a show on TV and passed out.
Boy, it's tough being a good mom!

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