Friday, April 29, 2011

Still here....barely

Yes, I am still around, and yes, I will still be writing. Hopefully, I will be back in full swing this coming week. The past week and half have been a four-ring circus even by my own personal circus standards. This is how it all went down in brief:
--impromptu dinner party with horrible semi-home-made pizza on last Fri night with a highschool friend of the Diplomat, along with his lovely wife and three toddlers. Both school buddies reminisced on their mutual skinniness and inappropriate moustache
--fabulous brunch on Saturday with the consular officer who granted the Diplomat his first student visa 15 years ago in Chennai
--intense Easter brunch with FS friends and a big ol' chunk of lamb
--mad planning of a post-Flag Day bash
--several rounds of intensive FSI training which drove us all to an all-consuming happy hour on Tuesday where many unreasonable beverages were consumed by all
--more mad planning of a post-Flag Day bash, some of after 12 am
--few receptions by current and former diplomats on Wednesday, followed by even madder planning of a post-Flag Day bash and clearing up space in my fridge for a huge cake meant to celebrate the birthdays of those in my class whose birthdays fell during A-100 training
--Thursday: driving of said cake plus two more plus a screaming Son requesting some of that cake plus a fellow FSO to FSI, where all cakes are met with unbridled enthusiasm by a hungry and bored A-100 class; cutting of cakes and trying to reign in myself not to eat 36 slices. NO HAPPY HOUR! Run to Target at 9 pm to buy tent for impending camp trip. Rejoice at finding a toddler inflatable mattress fitted with Cars sleeping bag.
--Friday--FLAG DAY. Oh boy...turns out, I am going to...Dhaka! Yeah, very funny. The day ends with a bash, which goes off without a hitch, thanks to me and my fabulous co-chair of the Party Committee, MK. We are awesome, yada yada.

We are off camping tomorrow early morning. Next week should be much calmer and I will regale all of you with stories of Son in the wild along with the Diplomat who still hobbles around in an air boot and sad facial expression. Unless I decide to run off in the wild with Fat Cat. Which is doubtful since he is at least 16 lbs heavy and it will be more like a really slow walk off in the wild, during which time I will be apprehended by Son (asking for milk, mango, water, a new car, strawberries, go potty or look at his imaginary boo-boo, all in that order) and the Diplomat (who will only look at me mournfully and ask for the remote control).


  1. At last you could start writing again! Hopefully in Dhaka u may get more time and more things to write about! Happy to know things have at last fallen in place in your career.

  2. You standing up BEFORE your name was called - PRICELESS! :-D That's the hardest I've laughed in a while. Wish I could have made it any happy hour listed. Maybe one day. ;-)