Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bend it like Beckham

Another week packed with action is behind us. For the 160th A-100 class, it was anything but boring.

1. On Monday, we had a happy hour in Arlington, hosted by our sponsoring class, the gracious 158th class. Much fun and cheap cocktails were had. The Diplomat and Son join us festively, annihilating many a chicken tenders and shooting fake hoops in the game room.

2. On Tuesday, we had a happy hour downtown DC.

3. On Wednesday, everyone took a drinking night off

4. On Thursday, a group of 25 went out to dine in Dupont Circle, certainly taking advantage of the ongoing happy hour.

5. On Friday, just when I thought everyone had had enough (and no more money), turned out that it was a colleague's birthday, so the festivities kept on going on a more domestic basis. Since we had just come back from a dinner with the Hawaiians and another couple of friends, after which the women and the kids came to our place to respectively have a drink and pull out every imaginable toy and throw it around, I decided to pass on the birthday party.

6. On Saturday morning, those of us with kids got together to watch our toddlers prance through a playground while we discussed bid list strategizing in the freezing cold. That same night, I joined my highly esteemed colleagues at the DC United-LA Galaxy (think David Beckham) soccer game after which I was supposed to meet the Diplomat at the Bombay Club to celebrate his birthday. Because of that, to the utter delight of the raggedy teenagers there, I showed up at the game wearing an elaborate and expensive shalwar kameez, 5 inch fabulous silver Michael Kors platforms, 3 lbs heavy silver bangles, plenty of makeup and carefully coiffed hair. Beckham looked hot from whichever angle you looked at him. I left the game after half an hour to meet the Diplomat at which point he called me to tell me that the babysitter hadn't showed up--apparently I had not confirmed with her. Suffice it to say that night did not end on a high note.

All of this with the threat of a shutdown hanging ominously over our governmentally-employed heads.
So yes, A-100 is a VERY intense experience. We also get a lot of training.
Living in DC has been very gratifying otherwise. Just yesterday I saw a car in the garage with a huge bumper sticker that read, "Starve a terrorist, ride a bike." Pondering its intended humor, I noticed with astonishment that the bumper belonged to a huge Honda SUV. Um, ok.

I am currently obsessed with a new reality show--Sister Wives on TLC. All I have to say about it--the wives seem to be having a jolly good time but the husband looks like one very exhausted, stretched out man who apparently chooses not to golf to have time for his 16 kids. Good man. Another thing that I noticed about the show is that every new wife is progressively slimmer than the previous one. Hm. I remain fascinated.

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