Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to get rid of the pacifier: musings of a bored lawyer

This week will go down in history as the week I got the guts to get rid of Son's pacifier. To him, the pacifier was the most valuable thing in the whole wide world. He used it to go to sleep and was not allowed to use it anywhere else. However, as he grew older and considerably wiser, he found a way to steal his binkies from the bed. So, for the past few days he took on walking around the apartment, proudly sucking on the silly contraption, driving me to near fury. So far, the Diplomat and I have been dreading getting rid of it since Son slept so well with it. At night, we would just give it to him, put him in his crib, kiss him good-night, close the door and never hearing a peep from him anymore, go out drinking without a care. I am kidding. We stayed IN drinking. We always said to ourselves that we need to lose the paci at some point. Some faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away point. But two nights ago, Son was in a spectacularly bad mood and decided (bad move) to bite my viciously. I got really mad and told him that it was over with the binky. Stunned, he cried for about 15 mins in his crib, then waived a little white flag (I swear I heard him mumble some not very polite things in my direction under his breath) and fell asleep like a log. The next night--he went happily in his bed and did not cry for a sec. So much for my horrified predictions that it will take a week of crying to get rid of the paci. It did not. So, for all those mommies dreading the BIG moment--don't. Seriously.

My job is boring. Really, really boring. I am reviewing IT contracts all day. Today, to keep my eyes open, I ran three times around the table in the office. It is possible, however, that I fell sleep in the middle of that exercise. So, to keep me somewhat occupied, I drink tea using the fancy Flavia coffee machine in the office. Since I don't drink coffee, I peruse the fancy law firm's tea collection. I must be drinking 6 cups of tea on average--I can safely say that I alone keep the Flavia company in business. I even do a little competition with myself to see how many cups I can drink before I go to the bathroom. It makes my day infinitely more exciting. To spice things up today, I made myself a cup of hot coco instead! Woaaaaaah, good times! Who said office life was all about politics...

I am beginning to worry about the Diplomat. He started Bengali classes this week, and has commenced walking around the apartment speaking incoherently in monosyllabic words with a very intense facial expression. I suspect he wants me to be excited and engaged about the whole business. I honestly try but I am afraid I don't show the requisite Diplomat's wife interest in the whole Bangla affair. It is possible I am just too high on tea. Naaaaaah! Tomorrow I will try the Raspberry Magic!


  1. Our daughter too is a living testament that the fear of getting rid of the binky/paci (or whatever else people call it) is way overrated. We were also dreading the moment we decided to get rid of it cold turkey and braced ourselves for weeks of crying and crankiness. To our utter surprise, nothing of the sort happened. She did miss it the first couple of days but not terribly so and then promptly forgot about it. I was even prepared with a lovey (a soft toy bought especially to replace the binky) but she wasn't interested in the lovey.

    On a different note, just saw your comment on my blog about getting together. Let's do it. I don't have your email but you can contact me off-line at

    You sure you want to torture your hubby with Bulgarian right now, when he's in the throws of Bengali?

  2. Well, he keeps boasting with his 1/1 score in Bulgarian at FSI, so let's put it to the test. :) I will email you.