Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How (not) to be a good disciplinarian

Have you ever found it tough to discipline your child because right after they have done something bad they stand in front of you with the most hilarious expression on their face? Could be fear, could be mischief or pure puzzlement-why is momma angry? Well, folks, I often find myself unable to keep a serious, angry face as Son stands in front of me, blond locks flying everywhere, half a cracked smile on the face (testing the waters--let's see if momma is angry or pretending to be??), then scrunching up the face in mock regret, only to melt in a huge smile, so huge that the eyes close. In moments like that all I want to do is grab the child, swing him high in the air and smother with kisses. Instead, I have to scold because he has just broken a glass. Parenthood is unfair!

This weekend we finally ventured outside Arlington and into the DC museum scene. Now, you should know that we are currently trying really hard to potty train Son--I started this months ago, he was 100% trained, and then we did all that traveling and all of my good work (of mopping pee off the floor for days) was gone. So, now we work on it again, which means no diapers on the weekends. Which also means that everywhere we go, we look like Lady GaGa's wardrobe entourage while on tour as we carry plenty of clothes for changing in case he pees in his undies--which he does. We went to the Natural History Museum, thinking Son would delight in the stuffed animals. He sure was delighted but that was only because he was allowed to run inside the museum for a good steady one hour. I am uncertain about the point of the visit--I am pretty convinced that he could have run the distance also outside on the Mall. Oh well, I got to see a couple of very curious bats, so it wasn't a total waste. On the way back, before we got into the metro, I asked Son to pee, which he did with delight. Then we entered the metro station, waited patiently 17 mins for the train and just when the electronic board said that the train is approaching, Son suddenly announced that he needed to pee again. So, the Diplomat and I ran all the way down the platform to hide from the other waiting passengers and held him over the concrete rails so that he can pee--what would YOU have done in such a moment?? We also managed to catch the train! Good times!

Washington is a beautiful city. Green, spacious, arranged. It is a pleasure to walk around. Too bad all the governmental buildings downtown are built in a style that we used to call in Eastern Europe Stalinist Baroque--you know the type, big bulky grey buildings. I suppose the message they are trying to convey is that being the government is not supposed to be fun. Like we needed to know that.
Work has been just as riveting as always. Lately I have been experimenting with the fancy tea machine there and making myself iced tea instead! Gives software license review a WHOLE new spin, I tell ya. But, I did get my first paycheck, woo hoo! And promptly bought a bunch of unnecessary things just to make a point.

It is my birthday on Thursday, yey! I cannot believe I am getting younger again!


  1. Hi Og :) Happy early bday! I am getting younger next week too! I can't believe I am turning 27 again and that our bdays are so close together. xoxo Elizabeth

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, miss Elizabeth! We both livein denial, it is wonderful :)

  3. hope you had a happy bday and that son's arm is okay. i am headed your way to the PTO tomorrow...too bad it is only for the day, otherwise i would make you show me around
    xoxo Elizabeth