Monday, July 19, 2010

Roman Indulgence and Hellish Heat--Sunday

We spent Sunday at the Colosseum, the Palatine and the Roman Forum. The Colosseum is all that is cracked up to be—fabulous, huge, ancient, interesting, immensely hot. Even though we again cut the line (this time rather intentionally), it still took some time staying in the ticket line. If you ever go there, buy the Roma Pass! Don’t know what exactly that is but it was getting people past the huge line. I loved the Forum and the Palatine (the place where most of the Emperors and rich Roman folk lived). The one thing that truly surprised me was how incredibly compact the Forum was (the Forum housed at various times food markets, civil courts, senates and a multitude of chaotic temples). Everything was practically on top of each other, and right next door to the Colosseum. The Palatine, however, was very large space, lined with trees and pleasant gardens—it’s good to be the King! All in all though, it was fabulous and I loved walking amongst the ruins.

All day long, the Diplomat and I erroneously thought it was our 7th anniversary, which explains why I was so nice to him all day and allowing him to rest in the shade (I typically prance like a horse all over the place as the heat rarely bothers me). In the evening I dressed to the nines ready to celebrate in some swanky restaurant. Good thing my mom called me and told me she would call me tomorrow to wish us a happy anniversary. I suppose vacationing for that long makes you lose track of the dates. We ended up in a great local restaurant with an amazing piano player. Somehow, I found myself singing “New York State of Mind” and “Let It Be” together with him. Blame the bottle of Proseco we consumed. We had a blast. Tomorrow we take it easy (famous last words).

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