Monday, July 12, 2010

Agriturismo in Umbria

So, after we came back from the Bulgarian coast (last Wednesday), we spent a day doing laundry and playing tennis, packed our bags again, woke up at the crack of dawn (3.30 am!) and climbed aboard the new and delightful Hungarian budget airline Wizz Air. Our tickets from Sofia to Rome cost $25. Oh yes, me like. The airline is great and I highly recommend it.
We arrived at Fiumicino and went to get our rental car. This is where it got a tad silly--I had reserved specifically a 4-door medium sized car. For those who don't know, in the US I drive a 3-door Saab convertible and as much I love my car (and I do), it is rarely fun trying to stuff the screaming and squirming Son in the car seat in the back. So, I was looking forward to a nice medium car with 4 doors. At the Europcar counter, I ask brightly what car they have and the lady tells me--a Lancia or an Alfa Romeo. Well! What would YOU choose? She did mumble something about enough space for suitcases but in my Alfa Romeo excitement I did not pay attention. We get to the car and the first thing I notice is--yes, you guessed-only 2 doors. After some cajoling from the Diplomat who si dying to try his mad driving skills on the AR, we decide to take it after all. Then I try to put in the car seat. After searching for the seat belt in the back for few (very hot) minutes, I pulled the entire back seat out. 38 minutes later, I have finally installed the damned thing!
An hour and a half later, we arrive at Agriturismo Stela. And it is everything that we had always wanted it to be. As I mentioned yesterday, it makes it own wine and olive oil and the pool is fabulous. We spent a couple of days not doing much and yesterday went to Assissi.
Assissi is one of the cutest Medieval towns I have been to (somehow cute and Medieval does NOT go very well, but when I post pictures, you will get the idea). Geraniums and American tourists fill the small town (yes, the American tourists were as loud as anywhere else; yes, it was embarassing). The Basilica di San Francesco di Assisi is absolutely lovely and contains incredible frescoes by Giotto. Son loved the coolness and quiet of the Basilica and proceeded to fall asleep for his nap. Made for a nice visit to the Basilica.
We came back and spent 2 soaking hours in the pool. We finished the night in a fabulous farmhouse restaurant with the picturesque name Locanda Anice Stellato, which served incredible local wine at the even more incredible price of 11 euros. I have discovered a new pasta dish in Umbria--everything with truffles. Mama mia! There is a reason truffles are so pricey--they taste incredible! All in all, life here is divine!
The Diplomat is already sitting in a coffee shop across the street, sipping doppio (double espresso something). I am going to join him. Tomorrow we go to Florence!!!


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