Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bulgaria and Italy

For the record--we are in Italy. I am writing from a small restaurant in Assissi with random Internet computers, where I had to scan my driving license before logging in for terrorism prevention purposes...what has the world come to. We have been in Italy for 2 days now, in a delightful house in Umbria with a swimming pool where I would rather spend my days but I suppose one needs to see cultural things while in Italy. Hence, Assissi. Which is delightful, by the way. More later when we come back to our own village but I just wanted to tell you that my friends M&M who are here with us rented out a humongous minivan/bus and we ride around the tiny miniscule medieval Italian streets in the bus with the side mirrors practically scraping the walls of the stone houses. It makes for a rather exciting journey.
I will log in from the only Internet cafe in our village tomorrow with more on our Bulgarian adventures. I envision we will be going to Florence on Tuesday. All in all, Italy is fabulous--the old farm house in which we are staying is part of a wine/olive oil farm (of course, what else??) and so upon arrival we were given a bottle of oil and red wine. The wine was absolutely outstanding and we drank it immediately. Then, we left the empty bottles by our door, just like milk bottles, hoping they will be refilled by the morning. And they were! We love Italy!!!! Arrivederci for now!


  1. Your trip sounds divine! We are hoping to make it to Italy next year for one of my husband's last R&R. Love the refilled wine bottle!
    Continued safe and exciting travels and welcome to the FS!

  2. Oh nice! You should--either in Umbria or Tuscany. Everything here is fabulous!! And we haven;t even been to Rome and Venice and Florence yet!