Saturday, January 22, 2011

We are sick

You have got to love winter and all the bacteria and viruses that it brings. First the Diplomat was sick on and off for 2 weeks, and then two days ago I finally fell victim to whatever cold/flu he had. I suppose this is one of the many perils of marriage and cohabitation--whatever one of you has, the other one promptly gets.
As a result, our house looks like it has been a war zone--zillions of half-used tissues, pills and syrups are lying all over the place, accompanied by trillion matchbox cars, building blocks, paper and crayons all over the living room floor (because none of us has the power to make Son gather them and dag them to his room), topped by two very morose-looking parents and one extremely energetic 2 and a half year old, asking to go out every 2 minutes and pretty much bouncing off the walls. And, of course, this HAD to be the day when our potty-trained Son decided to poop in his undies during his afternoon nap and I had to clean it while suppressing the urge to cough my brains out in the process.
I was supposed to go to a US Protocol Abroad class this weekend, but by some divine intervention it turned out that I was wait-listed and did not actually get into the class. So, I was free to stay at home and mope around, tying to deflect Son's endless requests to draw him an airplane, train and a cat. The only upside--I have been furiously knitting a sweater that I started a year ago but never finished due to its immense complexity. I am happy to say that it is almost over--I am in the middle of the second sleeve. I can freely state that I will NEVER undertake to knit another monster project like this in my life! Ever!
Ok, I feel a bit dizzy now so I will use the fact that Son has roped in the Diplomat to chase him around his room and take a nap.


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  2. wish we were there to take care all! but possibilities of ourselves become sick is a factor dissuading us from the visit! I remember taking Son on endless outside trips and to the quincy park during ou last sojurn at DC. I wish you both become well and speedy recovery from the current period of sickness!

  3. DipMama,
    I hope you're feeling better! The B Files and I are hoping to organize a local FS blogger meetup, so we're getting together for lunch tomorrow (1/25) at FSI from 11:30-12:30 to hatch a plan. If you're available and interested, please join us. We're planning to meet at a table by the windows near the front entrance side of the dining room. Please feel free to publicize to others who might want to join us--all are welcome.
    Lisa (& Paul) of

    Paul Benjamin: Writer, Editor, Supermodel

  4. Whoops! I meant 1/26, Wednesday.

  5. A, crap, just saw this. Would have LOVED to join. Care to do it again??

  6. We're hoping to do a blogger & family potluck the weekend of 2/27-ish, so I'll keep you posted.