Sunday, December 26, 2010

Guess who lost a wallet again...

Well, the Diplomat has gone and done it again! He lost my wallet. I just don't get it--frankly, it takes a skill to be able to lose wallets and similar possession at the rate he does it. This past Thursday it suddenly turned out that there were no classes that day. After debating whether we should spend the day with our beloved child, with a fair dose of parental guilt we took Son to daycare (which was open) since we had decided to go out to see a movie. Well, that parental guilt went a bit away since when we got to the daycare we saw a whole bunch of VERY guilty looking parents also bringing their kids and quickly slinking away in the misty Arlington air. Then we got back home, went back to bed and re-emerged a few hours later ready for a lunch and a movie date. I gave the Diplomat my wallet to keep in his pocket. After the movie, he sped away to ... yes, you guessed it, play tennis and I went to pick up the precious Son from daycare and spend quality "mommy and me" time with him. And then I discovered I am missing my wallet. 36 unanswered phone calls to the Diplomat later, I realized that he had lost it. After I picked up Son, I decided to check the one place that I thought I might have a shot at finding the unfortunate wallet--the movie theater. Son and I went there, and miracle of miracles, some saintly patron had found and turned it in. It was a Christmas miracle! Overjoyed, I bought us movie tickets and we saw the highly educational and intellectual movie Yogi Bear--Son's first movie ever! Armed with a pizza and a complimentary cup of water, Son sat down in my lap patiently for one and a half hours watching the inane movie. I am proud of him.
We have just landed in coldish Northern California where we are visiting the Diplomat's sister and her family. I love coming here since they are so much fun, plus her cooking is fabulous. There is one small fly in the ointment, however--inexplicably, she keeps her house's temperature at a freezing 60 degrees, while I keep my apartment at 90ish. The difference has been the subject of endless family jokes and I have gotten used to walking around her house wrapped in multiple blankets like an ancient dervish.

We are off to lake Tahoe tomorrow to ski. Woo-hoo! Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. My children have inherited their Father's genes! Good you could show a movie to my grandchild on that pretext. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays in california! I am happy to get affirmed that preethi cooks well, in that she has inherited her mom's skills.