Monday, August 23, 2010

Petting lambs and playing Taboo

Another wild weekend in Arlington, VA is over. In just two short days we managed to squeeze in pool, geese, BBQ, camels, groceries, several particularly involved tantrums, two thrift stores, feeding lambs from a milk bottle, two study group sessions, four fried catfish, friends, friends and more friends and a feisty game of Taboo! Phew, thank God it's Monday :).

On Saturday, our good Italian partners in crime M&M and their son E came for a night of BBQ and some pool time. Son tossed an irritating amount of his cars in the swimming pool, which meant that the Diplomat had to keep undressing and go into the somewhat chilly water to retrieve them. He still managed to tend to the grill in the meantime, for which we are eternally grateful. We finished the night with an awesome game of Taboo--the Diplomat did fairly well but I am a bit disappointed that he did not guess who I meant when I said "...naked on a cold day!" Do YOU know who I mean???

Sunday found us wondering what to do with ourselves when I had the brilliant idea to find a petting zoo for Son. After 3 mins of thorough Internet research, we found the Reston Zoo, advertised as a "wild animal zoo." Hoping for some serious lion chasing, we called our new friends from the FSO (we'll just call them the Hawaiians) and their two adorable kids.. Well, there were no lions, but the kids spent a blissful one hour feeding lambs and goats and all kinds of other bleeting critters that I am unfamiliar with. I fed a few lambs myself until one big goat mama tried to nibble on my skirt at which point I called it quits. The Hawaiians' little girl was gracious enough to help out with Son--she carefully held his hand and gently but firmly guided him in the right direction at the farm. Thank you! Among the sheep and bulls and pigs and similar kinds of typical farm cattle we also saw, somewhat surprised, two zebras (one of which thinks she is a goat) and two camels. I suppose that was the "wild" part of the zoo. They did not allow us to pet them, which gravely disappointed me.

This week is marked by one VERY key event: on Friday, we hear where the good ol' State Department has decided that it wants us to spend the next 2 years of our lives. Stay tuned....

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