Friday, February 25, 2011

In Arlington, all quiet

Ok, nothing interesting is happening in our lives right now. I mean, NOTHING!
I am knees deep in Bangla study since my exams are approaching fast--I take my BEX on Thursday, and my final FSI test on March 11. Gulp...
We had our second round of shots for Dhaka on Thursday, which excited me to no end since ANYTHING out of the routine life excites me nowadays--I mean, how pathetic your life has to be for you to be excited on account of a rabbies shot? Son took it like a man, and all three of us walked out of the FSI clinic with lollipops sticking out of our mouths.
Another noteworthy event in my life was the realization that Son can draw an awesome circle. I am not saying that he is the next president of the United States, but I am putting it out there that he has some skills. According to the milestone charts for his age, that is pretty darn advanced. Apparently, so is balancing on one leg (see here , and so I have been making the poor child stand around the house on one leg just to see if he can. He could. I guess he IS presidential material after all...
Tonight, I sent the Diplomat to have beers with his FSO buddies. He was giddy with anticipation and warned me that he might come home pretty late. I rolled my eyes, put Son to bed, ordered Chinese, studied some Bangla until the food came, and then started two of my most favorite things--eating Singapore rice noodles and watching Grey's Anatomy. As I was just relaxing and getting into the show and the food, the Diplomat came home, grinning silly like a tipsy Cheshire Cat. It was only 10.30 pm. I guess one's standards for a "late night out" slowly deteriorate with age. Turns out he and two other devoted hubbies like him went to a neighboring bar and spent the majority of their time talking about babies (so I was told). Um, wha'?

Finally, tomorrow will be a pretty thrilling day--I will spend 8 hours at FSI taking the very useful class of U.S. Protocol and Representation Abroad, along with a bunch of my wife friends, and then will go to a potluck party with my fellow FSO bloggers! I cannot wait to learn how to address the Ambassador's wife or how to seat people around the table. THAT would have been rather useful to me last weekend when we hosted a dinner at home. It must have been a good dinner though regardless of my table seating arrangements since the guests came at 8.30 pm and after a pleasant Scotch nightcap and a cigar smoke left at 2 am. Which would have been OK if Son hadn't woken up at 6.30 am a mere 4 hours later. Cheers!

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  1. Arlington is bound to be quiet being endowed with famous cemetry. in fact, the whole DC is silent (unlike new york) being a city of memorials! Does my son drive after the party?